Diagnosis of decision-making Framework in the Quran

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Member of the Scientific Council of the Research Institute of Islamic Studies in Human Sciences



Considering that decision-making is one of the functions of reason, every decision is of a rational type. But in the literature of this issue, rational decision-making emphasizes the general and logical steps.The limitations of rational decision-making are more related to reason, so one should look for approaches to compensate for these types of limitations, including the use of revelation teachings that can help and guide reason in decision-making. In this regard, the present research seeks to achieve the decision-making framework in the Holy Quran by using the thematic research method. According to the method, thematic impressions are made from the verses related to decision making. By knowing the concept of decision-making and consulting with Quranic experts, three keywords "Azm", "Eradeh" and "Khair" were selected, which were 1892 verses, the main verses containing these keywords and the contexts (thematic units) of these verses. About 1,500 subject impressions were obtained in the form of forty-five decision-making indicators, and after summarizing, 13indicators were obtained, which were placed in the form of the input-process-output model. The example of input is information gathering indicators, The process is the hereafter results of the decision. Factors based on this pattern are considering the role of God in decision opportunities and surrounding the decision, respecting and recognizing the threats and dealing with them. These results have been obtained by referring directly to the Quran, which can be a step in the direction of extracting human and social science literature from the Quran.Suggestions and research discussion are presented.