Devising and Designing a Model for Interaction of Mosque and Local Organizations

Document Type : scientific


One of the questions has always been aroused about the performance of local mosques was focused on the interaction of these mosques with local organizations. This study aimed to identify the elements of a model for the interaction of the mosque and local organizations. The method for designing a conceptual model in this study was single practical conceptualization. The research method was a hybrid one consisted of explanatory interviews, observation and a Delphi survey of experts' views. The required information was collected from various religious and scientific sources. According to this study the interaction of local organizations with mosques was considered in three aspects including supporting, monitoring and exchanging information. These three aspects were confirmed by the experts. Considering the top rating of supportive aspect avoiding the concentration and assigning of mosques' affairs to the governments in the local and institutional levels was emphasized. Hence, it is suggested that the management and monitoring of mosques' performances being assigned to a grassroots activists under the supervision of mosques' Imams.


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