The strategic model of the inverted pyramid in charitable organizations with an emphasis on Blanchard's religious model

Document Type : Research Paper


Management Dep, RIHU, Faculty



Basically, charitable organizations are among non-profit organizations that are not based on personal profit and pursue charitable and public goals; Considering this, the management in such organizations must be voluntary, benevolent and selfless and in a spiritualist interpretation. Descriptive-analytical based on the model of Jesus (pbuh) with central Quranic stories.The results and achievements of the research show that Blanchard's inverted pyramid model with regard to the strategic management method of Jesus (PBUH) can be a suitable model for charitable organizations and managers at different levels (superior, middle and operational) can be inspired by the said model to improve their effectiveness. come to the fore; This model is based on the axis of service, humility, humility and spirituality, and leaders and managers in this model, in addition to emphasizing on being servants, perform service with a humble look and give their service a divine spirituality and in the way of loving service to Spiritual and divine business is encouragingAccording to the Qur'anic approaches inspired by this model, managers with a strategic approach with a vision and monotheistic strategies in the strategic corridor of spirituality with tools such as humility and humility walk the path of material and spiritual service and objectify the effectiveness in charitable institutions.