Explain the organizational agility approach based on religious teachings

Document Type : scientific


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Organizational Transformation and Excellence, Imam Hossein University

2 shahid beheshti



Continuous change is one of the functional concepts in today's organizations. Organizations that operate in dynamic and changing environments are always faced with threats that if they do not act and respond properly, they will stop working. Therefore, it can be said that in the current situation, organizations that succeed in new approaches such as organizational agility will succeed. Agility is one of the relatively new concepts in management literature. This research seeks to provide a religious model for this concept by analyzing and implying verses and hadiths. At the beginning of this study, in the form of theoretical literature, the concept of organizational agility is reviewed and the need to pay attention to agility in the organization is analyzed. Then the key capabilities of agility in the organization are discussed and in the next section in the form of research background, a number of models in the field of organizational agility are introduced. In the continuation of the research, by reviewing religious sources, verses and hadiths whose meanings have implications for agility have been identified. The research method used in this research is content analysis. In this regard, first the basic themes are collected and classified according to the thematic similarity in the form of organizing themes; The organizer themes are then re-examined and together they create comprehensive themes. Finally, the subject networks are displayed graphically and like a web page.