Provide a model for understanding Islamic management through the cooperation of the Howzeh and the University in the framework of the division of labor approach

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1 Faculty member of Tolo Mehr Higher Education Institute

2 Faculty member of the Higher National Defense University


Different views and approaches have been presented in response to the question of what is Islamic management and how it can be achieved. In this article, a model for understanding Islamic management by explaining how the howzeh and the university cooperate as two institutions in charge of religion (Islamic) and science (management) is presented. under approach of division of labor, a conceptual model is designed and then validated in the form of in-depth interviews with 30 experts in this field. The content of the interviews was analyzed and classified through content analysis method and clustering technique. experts' opinions were categorized in the form of 41 basic concepts, 15 central concepts and 3 main concepts. Based on the points obtained in the interviews, the initial model was modified. In this model, the proposed model of cooperation between the Hawzah and the university is in the face of issues involves answering two questions: knowing (what is the solution) and being able (how to implement the solution). Hawzah and the university have an active role in both axes through 4 Method 1- The role of the Hawzah in explaining religious teachings as a solution of problems, 2- The role of the university in explaining the specialized dimensions of the issue to Find a solution, 3- The role of the university in providing Executive procedures and ways to be able to implement the solutions and 4- The role of the Hawzah Expressing red lines or making recommendations in implementing the solutions