Providing a Management Model in Popular Organiations; Case Study of the Student Basij

Document Type : scientific


1 Associate Professor, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran

2 M.A. The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting University

3 Ph.D. Student of Faculty of Management, University of Tehran


he Islamic Revolution as an existing and developing phenomenon, as it has arisen with the presence and role-playing of the people, is with the effective presence of the people that persists and evolves. The Student Basij is one of the popular organizations that have always been a pioneer in popular role-playing in the presence of popular forces in the social arena, Therefore, the purpose of the present study was to identify the managerial model of this organization in order to increase its productivity and to complement, refine and improve management knowledge and organizational theories. The study has identified 23 key concepts through in-depth interviews with the 18 student Basij officials. In the next step, these concepts are categorized and explained in four main categories: "management principles", "management basics", "management complementaries" and "management tools". In the Student Basij, each individual is present in the organization based on his internal motivations, and therefore there is no conflict between interpersonal goals and individual and organizational goals.